About Stitches, S'Mores & More, an Annual Texas Knitting & Fiber Arts Retreat

Stitches, S'Mores & More is a knitting and fiber arts retreat that started about 8 years ago. We meet every year sometime between the end of September through the end of October. Each year, the attendees vote on when and where to have the Retreat next year. The Retreat is run by volunteers who love all things fiber.

The name "Stitches, S'Mores & More" came about because the retreat focuses mainly on knitting (stitches), Saturday evening we have a bonfire and make S'Mores, and there is so much more than just those two things! There are classes, friends, food, and fun! Oh, and fiber!

Rather than telling you why we love the Retreat, we'll let the attendees of the 2017 retreat tell you. Below are the words that our 2017 Retreat attendees used to answer our questions. The larger the word, the more often it was mentioned by our attendees.

We asked them what they loved most about the retreat. The words they used were:

We asked the 2017 attendees to tell us what words came to mind when they thought about the other attendees. Here are the words they used:

When we asked them what words came to mind when they thought of Stitches, S'Mores & More, here's the words they used:

When we asked them why they attend the Retreat, they said:

We hope that you'll join us at Stitches, S'Mores & More!