2017 Class List: (camper's schedules allow for 3 classes)

Folk Art Bunny -

Join Lisa Rose and Gika Rector to create a folk art style appliqué rabbit. Using handmade felt that Lisa and Gika will provide, you’ll combine a variety of traditional techniques—including appliqué, stitching, and stamping—to produce your unique bunny. You’ll also learn how to lace your work, in preparation for framing it (frame provided by the instructors).

Gika Rector began weaving and spinning in the mid-80's. At a spinning retreat in Warm Springs, Oregon, she discovered felt making. She learned the basics, but didn't want it to take away from her weaving and spinning. Then she discovered nuno felt, a form of felt that's especially suitable for wearables. After that, she was completely hooked. She's been felting and teaching ever since. Gika is also a personal coach and Feldenkrais practitioner.
Oops, I dropped my spindle -

Want to learn to spin your own yarn? Join us to study the properties of wool, the hand spindle, and techniques to spin your own yarn. You will spin singles yarn, learn to ply singles, and understand how to 'finish' your yarn.

Lisa Rose has been living in Texas since 2000, Lisa Rose moved to Spring in the autumn of 2012. An accomplished fiber artist, Lisa began crocheting at her grandmother's knee at the age of six. With a love for all natural fibers, she spins, weaves, knits and felts the colors of the earth. Influenced by the surrounding elements and her children, she creates one of a kind pieces for the body and the home.

Geometry Knitting- no MATH, just yarn

An exercise designed to help a knitter understand the whys, whens, and hows of shaping. We will compare fabrics when shaping is done every row or every other row, at the beginning or in-between, and discover circles, triangles, crescents and more. We will be doing 5-7 exercises, using only needles, yarn, and scissors. Size 8 needles are recommended for this class.

Stephanie Carcano has taught felting, knitting and crochet for the past 10 years in yarn shops, museum art camps, colleges and libraries to adults and children. She currently runs Froggy Fibers and Gifts in Lufkin, Texas.

Buttons, Buttons, who has the Button?

Skill Level: Beginner - able to handle a needle and yarn. Working with small, but not necessarily teeny things. A magnifier might be helpful, but not necessary. Do you think a garment isn’t finished until it has buttons? Do you have your mother’s or grandmother’s button tin? Are buttons your favorite souvenir because they’re pretty, don’t take up much space and can be used for more than just fastening things? Do you just love buttons? Then come play with us and learn a button technique that combines your love of buttons with weaving and yarn!

This style of button started in the late 1600s as a cottage industry in the Dorset district of the UK, and had its heyday up until WW1. The originals are highly collectible and the modern interpretations are gorgeous. Come enjoy this easy, portable, FUN buttons technique!

Suzanne Correira has been knitting, dyeing and spinning professionally since the late 80s, as Fire Ant Ranch since 1992, and now as Fiber Arts Republic ( She has published patterns with Knitter’s Magazine, Knitting Digest, Threads and Lion Brand Yarns, and has self-published via Ravelry. She has exhibited and taught at many festivals, including Estes Park, Taos Wool Festival, Big Sky Fiber Festival, Kid ‘n Ewe and DFW Fiber Festivals, Interweave Yarn Fest in Colorado and Georgia Fiber Festival. Suzanne has been Workshop Superintendent for Estes Park Wool Market and for Taos Wool Festival for many years. She is now happily NOT organizing anything but her OWN workshop and festival schedule.

Coloring with Cheryl

Mosaic Knitting is a color work technique, using two colors of yarn, to create geometric designs. Mosaic designs can be simple to very complex. In this class, we will be using a simple design to create a headband/ear warmer to keep your ears warm and cozy in the colder months.

Cheryl Dowdy has been knitting for 54 years, and especially enjoys knitting socks, hats, and shawls. Although she likes and uses many knitting techniques, Fair Isle, color work, and lace knitting are some of her favorites. Cheryl taught a Fair Isle class at the very first 'Stitches, S'mores and More' Knit Camp, and teaches several classes at WC Mercantile in Navasota, Texas.

The Joys of Seaming

Let’s face it… seaming can be intimidating. In fact, just the thought of seaming holds avid knitters back from creating projects they want to make. BUT - it doesn’t have to! Seaming can actually be, dare I say it, fun! In this class you’ll learn about how your stitches work to create fabric. Then, you’ll take that knowledge to seam some swatches. You’ll learn how to make beautiful (and invisible) side seams, horizontal seams, and combination seams, among other things. By the end of this class, you’ll be seaming like a pro and have fun doing it, too!

Penny Wilson- When she’s not knitting or spinning, Penny helps people learn how to eat in a healthy why and learn why to make certain food choices. She has no idea how long she’s been knitting. She started spinning with a spindle at her first Stitches, S’mores & More about 5 years ago. Penny is also an expert enabler when it comes to anything fiber-based. She loves spending time with her husband, John, and her dogs. She also loves skiing – both downhill and cross-country – hiking and reading. She lives in Vail, CO.