Mary, a retreat attendee since the beginning, and Dana, a first year attendee, enjoying free-time at 2018 field trip to Independence Fiber Mill.

Elizabeth says: 
For  my first Retreat I was a beginning knitter and was initially hesitant to attend. My friend gently cajoled me and was very reassuring about how all skill levels were welcome. And I had a fabulous time!! I learned so much and other knitters were so encouraging and so willing to share their knowledge. I have attended each and every Retreat since then. I look forward to the Retreat all year long.

I'd like to reassure anyone that might be hesitant about staying in a bunkhouse that the beds are comfortable and there is plenty of privacy. Our time is mostly spent in classes or free time to sit 'n knit or on the "Field Trip".
The instructors are very friendly and totally accessible throughout the weekend.  They are well-prepared and knowledgeable about their subject matter. I always felt comfortable asking lots of questions.
Come join us, you won't regret it!

Mary says:
I love Stitches S'mores and More.  I went the first time because I needed a break, and I love to knit.  I continue to come for the friends, the skills and the relaxed time to knit without interruptions.  We owe it to ourselves and our families to take some time for ourselves.  Then we are better able to face whatever comes our way.

Suzanne says:
Stitches S'mores and More came along at a perfect time for me as a fiber camp I’d been attending for 20 years called it quits just that year before. It was the right time for that one, but still, it left a hole. Then ya’ll found me and asked me to teach and I felt SO at home. I can teach, yet still relax and the people are the best! You filled that hole for me in my fiber life.

Jo says:
I was a very new knitter the first year I went to the Retreat.  I knew I’d be the worst knitter there and my fears turned out to be well-founded.  Nobody cared!  Everyone helped me and answered my endless questions.  I’ve learned lace knitting and how to repair lace knitting mistakes, brioche, socks, seaming, and many much needed lessons in color, all from wonderful teachers.  I always come away with small gift ideas that are not knitted.  The year all my friends received home-made sugar scrub for Christmas, I was very popular.  You’ll make new friends, learn new skills, and broaden your fiber arts thinking, all in a very relaxing atmosphere. 

Ah, the venue.  You have a bunk.  There’s room for all your fibery stuff.  A/C and heat, sometime in the same day.  Woods to walk in.  Lessons under the trees.   Someone else doing the cooking. Plenty of gathering and classroom space.  Rumor — some campers stay up half the night visiting and working.  Fact— others are up before dawn, doing the same thing.  Best of all, friendly, like-minded fellow knitters.

Penny says:
I have been attending Stitches, S'Mores & More for about 6 years. I plan my calendar around the retreat now! The main reason I attend is the people. I've made some amazing friends who I stay in touch with all year, but only get to see in person at Stitches, S'Mores & More. I was nervous the first time I attended. I did get a friend to go with me so neither of us would be alone, but we were still nervous about it. When we arrived we were greeted like we'd known everyone for years! Everyone was (and is) friendly, welcoming, sharing, and helpful. In addition to the great friends I've made, I've grown in my knitting and other fiber arts. I've learned techniques like Fair Isle and Entrelac from amazing teachers. I was also inspired to take up spinning while at the retreat. If you love knitting & fiber, you should join us! You've got nothing to lose and friends and more to gain!